Top 10: Reasons I Love Reading

The Broke and The Bookish host Top Ten Tuesdays each week, in which we discuss all things bookish. This week is why we love reading. Yep, this is an easy one! Better question, why don’t people love reading?! Maybe the topic for next week? Anyways, here is my TTT, why exactly I love reading!


1. Reading transforms me into different worlds when mine is slightly overwhelming. Sometimes all you need is an escape.

2. I love what words can do, they are very ambiguous in the ways they are used. I love books where you have to figure things out and it isn’t always clear. Recitatif by: Toni Morrison Anyone?!

3. As well as ambiguity, words can capture moments that are magical in more ways than one. A scene can come to life, sometimes more than if you were watching it in a film.

4. Number four on my list would be all the different characters you get to meet, they are amazing! And there is definitely no shortage of fictional friends out there.

5. I love the blogging community! Seeing other peoples opinions on books and endings and generally all things bookish is pretty incredible.

6. The creativity you experience throughout the world of reading is undeniable and nothing is off-limits. The options are infinite.

7. Authors are able to tackle difficult subjects and deliver messages in beautiful ways. Some stories need to be told and books may be the only way at times.

8. Reading allows you to see into peoples minds. Whether they are literally insane, a genius, lost, or just hopelessly in love, I love seeing the way other people think and the meaning behind their choices. Stick me in someone else’s mind for a short period and I will be thoroughly entertained.

9. Books are generally BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I could stare at covers or the pages and just admire them for hours. They are works of art.

10. I feel better after I’ve read a book, they are tales that should be treasured and I intend to travel many worlds, meet new people, buy way too many books, and be completely content on trying to read every single one of them. I will never have nothing to entertain me and that is what I love most about reading.


13 thoughts on “Top 10: Reasons I Love Reading

  1. bookmammal says:

    Love your item #9–I love being able to look at my books! They are definitely comfort objects for me–and they add so much personality to a room! You can tell an awful lot about someone by paying attention to their bookshelves . . .

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