This week I figured I would pick my Top 5 TV Theme Songs…which if I’m being honest is a tough list to compile because there are SO many good ones (not to mention I watch an obnoxious amount of shows…so limiting to 5 is a struggle). In my opinion, shows should never eliminate theme songs because a well done theme song sets the tone for the show. Also, it gives you a good jam session every episode (or it can make you cry from ALL THE FEELS).

I’ve also come to the conclusion that this is a Part 1 of 2, because some of my favorites are feeling neglected for being eliminated! So be on the lookout for the follow up, it may be next week, it may be in a couple, but it is coming! In conclusion, if you haven’t watched these I’m hoping their fabulous tunes will lure you to the dark side, and you will have a new obsession!





My latest obsession is Kyrie by: Mr. Mister. I forgot how much I ADORE this song. It makes me so happy. It’s been on repeat for days and I regret nothing.


Netflix Trip by: AJR popped up on my Spotify one day and I have been obsessed ever since. 1. The Office 2. Netflix 3. ALL THE FEELS.

It makes me weirdly emotional, but I love it still. The whole thing is fabulous, but the chorus is my favorite: 

Who are we to wonder where we’re going?
Who am I to wonder who I am?
Let’s take it back and take in every moment,
who am I to wonder who I am?

Music Monday!

All post-school I’m looking for new things to occupy my time (because if you know anything about me, I like to be doing at LEAST ten things at once). So the lovely Lauren at Always Me hosts  Music Monday each week and I am jumping on the bandwagon! Basically we share a song or two that has caught our interest recently. WELL, I am warning you up front, I listen to a lot of 80s Rock, occasionally some classics (Bobby Darin, I’m looking at you), and very minimal new music (don’t worry, there are some that sneak their way in), not to mention my love for Broadway music. Hey! I like to keep it interesting!

So be on the lookout each Monday for some of my music picks, and be sure to send Music Recommendations my way because I’m always looking for new obsessions!

The Room Where it Happens – Hamilton
Because I saw Hamilton MONTHS ago and I’m still obsessed. I was pleasantly surprised that not all of the songs were Hip-Hop. Not to mention, a few have a very jazzy-big band sound to them which is AMAZING. This one just happens to be my favorite at the moment.


Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters – Elton John
Couldn’t have my first music post without Elton John! Mona Lisas is my rediscovered favorite right now. It’s beautiful. Also, not many people can pull off an Elton John song (because Elton rules all), BUT Maren Morris does a FANTASTIC job and you should also check out her cover.