Disney, Disney, Disney.

Because I’ve been slacking on all of my traveling ventures…which there’s been a few (how did I NOT share my New Orleans excursion?! Well…best be sured…it’s coming).

We took the whole gang (minus a couple) to visit my lovely sister out in the land of the Mouse (aka Walt Disney World). Food & Wine, Mickey’s Not So Scary, Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, Winter Summerland Mini Golf, and MORE. While we were utterly exhausted by the end, we had a GREAT time. I forget how much energy doing multiple days in Disney does to a person. Not to mention the humidity—which for the record was very low in October, but still more than we get in Utah.

ALSO We saw an Okapi on the Safari…my life is complete. What is an Okapi, you ask? The lovely gazelle-like creatures with zebra legs and they are BEAUTIFUL. I love them.

RECOMMENDATIONS: PB&J Milkshakes @ 50s Primetime Cafe (FAVORITE [be sure to bring a plastic straw…nobody should have to drink a milkshake with a paper straw]), any food at EPCOT (especially the sliders @ Hawaii), Mickey’s Not So Scary (it’s really not so scary), Happily Ever After Fireworks @ Magic Kingdom, Star Wars Fireworks @ Hollywood Studios, FLIGHT OF PASSAGE @ Animal Kingdom.