Hey all, welcome to my collection of misfit quotations!

You’ve stumbled upon a librarian who has a thing for beautiful language (with a few comedic ones thrown in). I am a lover of books and, more importantly, the amazing quotes that come along with them. From witty snippets to those pieces of literature that are so beautiful they need to be shared.

Bookish (and non-bookish) facts about me:

  • My favorite classic is and probably always will be The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald. Scott holds my soul and I am not ashamed to say how much I adore his writing.
  • My bank account thanks me since I started working at a library a few years ago, because now my brain feels like I’m buying new books (even thought I’m really just bringing a new stash home from work). However, being the deprived bibliophile that I am, occasionally I’ll splurge and buy a few books to contribute to my budding library.
  • The Phantom Tollbooth by: Norton Juster is the first book I read in class (because I LITERALLY could not wait another hour to read)…yes, my teacher took it away from me and held on to it for the remainder of the period…I’m only slightly bitter still.
  • Twilight was the first teen series I read (outside of Harry Potter) that introduced me to a whole new world of literature (which then led me to The Hunger Games, and I went down the rabbit hole of Dystopians for years to come).
  • I’ve read so many series that I adored I have a hard time narrowing it down to favorites…so I have lists…and lists…and lists. My top picks (at the moment) are: Legend, Red Queen, The Infernal Devices, Lunar Chronicles, Possession, Knight & Moon, & Outlander.
  • I watch a million and one TV shows (what can I say? I love a good story)! Long time favorites include 24, Seinfeld, Grey’s Anatomy, and Survivor. New obsessions include Frasier, Supernatural, This is Us, and Psych.
  • I’m attempting to learn to quilt, and I’m a long-time scrapbooker, who also is trying to travel as much as possible.
  • My favorite Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I’m a Slytherin because that also seems relevant!
  • I’m also a sucker for 80s Rock music (with a special place in my heart for Elton John, Pat Benatar, and Phil Collins)
  • I tend to love the middle book in a series the best (see: Catching Fire, Insurgent, Pandemonium, & Unravel Me [maybe it’s the middle child in me])
  • Last of all, the Slytherin in me loves a great villain.

I could go on for ages and ages (like I said, I make lists for days, so if you ever want to chat favorite classics, which Agatha Christie was more mindblowing, or your favorite sequel, or anything HIT ME UP). But most of all, I love books, so I hope you enjoy my blog!

Contact at: slowmodancer[at]yahoo[dot]com

“A good book has no ending.”


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