Top 10: Series You Would Like To Start But Haven’t

Hosted by The Broke and The Bookish here is this Weeks TTT. :) Series I want to read but it has yet to happen. Hopefully soon, right?

The Maze Runner
1. The Maze Runner Series by: James Dashner So this might be cheating because I actually started this today. Loving it so far! Can’t wait to see where it goes.

2. Stephanie Plum by: Janet Evanovich I have heard that these books are AMAZING and hilarious.  My family has been trying to get me to read these for years.  I’m hoping to dive into them ASAP.

3. I Am Number Four by: Pittacus Lore I think I bought this book probably close to 2 years ago, at least. How I have not picked it up yet I don’t know.  But its my goal for the year to read all the books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet. So it is going to happen. :)

4. The Chronicals of Narnia by: C..S. Lewis I’ve seen the shows and adore them, so I would love to see how the books depict the story.  I’m sure they are at least ten times better!

5. The Immortals by: Alyson Noel Everytime I hear about this series, I think, i’m going to read them because they sound great. And for some reason it hasn’t happened….yet.

6. Percy Jackson by: Rick Riordan

7. Beastly by: Alex Flinn

8. Uglies by: Scott Westerfeld

9. Eragon by: Christopher Paolini

10. Lord of the Rings by: J.R.R. Tolkien

I really needed this TTT about 2 Weeks ago because I just began all my new series that I’d been dying to dive into. But these are the ones I was able to come up with. They are mostly ones I’veheard about over the years that have made it to the list but others quickly passed them. So its my goal to get them started. :)


7 thoughts on “Top 10: Series You Would Like To Start But Haven’t

  1. Lynn says:

    Stephanie Plum! That’s the first time I’ve seen this on anyone’s list – they’re very formulaic, but great for light beach reads!

  2. Matt Dalton says:

    Seriously, stop whatever you are doing. Pick up the Chronicles of Narnia and do not move for a day. I guarantee it will be more worthwhile than anything you may have had planned!

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