Top 10: Swoon-Worthy Books

Basically, my first thoughts with this topic was how will I ever narrow this down?! It may be difficult but I am determined! There are a lot of dystopian-esque books here, just because that is my latest addiction. I tried to not repeat any series/authors because my list would go on for days. :) What are your ‘Swoon-Worthy’ books? Happy Valentines all!

Special Thanks to the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays!

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by: J.K. Rowling My favorite men in Harry Potter? Malfoy and Ron, it just so happens this book has a fair share of both. :)

2. Pandemonium by: Lauren Oliver I have always looovvveed Julian, from the second he walked in. He’s ADORABLE. Swwoooonn.

3. Romeo and Juliet by: William Shakespeare How could this not make the list?

4. Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen Where there is Romeo and Juliet,there is Elizabeth and Darcy, definitely one of my favorite couples.

5. Matched by: Ally Condie Whether you like Ky or Xander, there’s enough romance to go around. :)

6. Prodigy by: Marie Lu There are so many points in this book that I LOVE. Fabulous. Not to mention the amazingness that is Day.

7.  The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks I was trying to decide on my favorite Sparks book, in the end I just love Ronnie and Will together.

8.  Keeping The Moon by: Sarah Dessen I have adored every one of Dessen’s books (Each on its own Swoon-Worthy), but I especially loved the dynamic of Keeping The Moon.

9. City of Bones by: Cassandra Clare I’m literally addicted to this series at the moment. Jace is probably one of my favorite literary characters and thus has to make the Swoon List.

10. Reboot by: Amy Tintera I have a new love for Callum, everything about him. Everytime he talks he’s like a scene snatcher….Sorry what happened? I was too distracted by Callum. :)


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