Top 10: Books Dealing with Tough Subjects.

The Broke and The Bookish Top Ten Tuesday’s Topic is Books Dealing with Tough Subjects. These include bullying, suicide, drugs, whatever subject which you classify as a touchy subject. While coming up with these titles, I realized that even though these are some of my favorite books I haven’t read too many that fall under this category. Here are the ones I was able to come up. :)


1. Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher Asher takes head on the issue of Suicide and in my opinion, blew it out of the water. This will always be one of my favorites, its very unique and definitely heart stopping.

2. Cut by: Patricia McCormick This book is about a group of girls in a rehab facility. This story is short but highly addictive.

3. Keep Holding On by: Susane Colasanti Bullying is in affect and Noelle somehow finds a way to keep going. Proof that life will get better. :)

4. The Choice by: Nicholas Sparks This book tackles when to stop extraordinary measures keeping someone alive. Wow. Nicholas Sparks knows how to throw curve balls like no one else. I was not expecting this to be the theme of the book but it was incredible.

5. Number the Stars by: Lois Lowry One of my favorite books on the Holocaust, this one is great.

6. Before I Fall by: Lauren Oliver A twist on suicide, lets just say I was bawling by the end and I was hoping for a just kidding moment.

7. Sold by: Patricia McCormick Sold is about a girl who is sold into prostitution and follows her journey. It is an amazing story.

8. The Outsiders by: S.E. Hinton A story about gangs that I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did. Basically proving how much books can surprise you.

9. Of Mice and Men by: John Steinbeck This tale of friendship is one that always breaks my heart, but the ones that bring that kind of emotion our are always the best ones.

10. Purple Heart by: Patricia McCormick Purple Heart deals with PTSD and Amnesia, it is a great story about a young soldier who is awarded the Purple Heart but has no clue what happened to receive that honor. It is fabulous.


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