TTT: Books I’ve Read That I’d Like in My Personal Library

Books that I’ve read, loved, and haven’t bought…..yet. Because this list be all about the well loved books that haven’t made it to our shelves yet. Whether it be we got them from the library, a friend, admired them from afar…we want them, we need them, we have to get them. Maybe they are a little too pricy, or we’re feeling particularly broke at the moment, or we’ve run out of shelf space (the constant culprit), and if none of these were a factor, these are the books I’d run out to grab tomorrow:

Thank you, That Artsy Reader Girl, for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays!



It had been so long since Makani had felt any amount of genuine, unadulterated happiness that she’d forgotten that sometimes it could hurt as much as sadness. His declaration pierced through the muscle of her heart like a skillfully thrown knife.

It was the kind of pain that made her feel alive.

~There’s Someone Inside Your House by: Stephanie Perkins