I wanted people to trust me, despite anything they’d heard. And more than that, I wanted them to know me. Not the stuff they thought they knew about me. No, the real me. I wanted them to get past the rumors. To see beyond the relationships I once had, or maybe still had but that they didn’t agree with.




I wanted people to trust me, despite anything they’d heard. And more than that, I wanted them to know me. Not the stuff they thought they knew about me. No, the real me. I wanted them to get past the rumors. To see beyond the relationships I once had, or maybe still had but that they didn’t agree with.

~Th1rteen R3asons Why by: Jay Asher

Top 10: Books That Make You Cry

It is no secret that I cry in the majority of the books I read. What can I say? I get emotionally attached to these characters! Not to mention when Authors take you completely off guard. I’ve been awful at my Top Ten lists lately, so hopefully I’m back on track. Thanks to The Broke and The Bookish for hosting each week!

The Majority of these had me lying in my bed bawling my eyes out at the end, quite possibly 7/10. While a couple may have just had parts that were extremely sad followed by extremely happy. Moral of the story, these will give you an emotional roller coaster, with the highest highs and the lowest of lows. You’ve been warned. :)

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1. Before I Fall by: Lauren Oliver Lets just say Oliver breaks your heart and then rewinds the day so it doesn’t happen, and then repeats the process. But this book is amazing regardless of the heart breaking!

2. Abandon by: Elana Johnson Well, be prepared, I just have to think of this ending and I get emotional!!

3. TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY by: Jay Asher This whole book had me crying but it is incredibly unique and one of my all time favorite books.

4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by: J.K. Rowling Just throwing it out there, I have cried in multiple books in this series. Order of the Phoenix gets me every time though.

5. The Fault in Our Stars by: John Green I think this is self explanatory. Keep a box of tissues nearby.

6. The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks This caught me completely off guard. Not to mention the fact it was my first Nicholas Sparks Experience, so I did not know he tries to shatter your heart into smithereens and then glue it back together soon after.

7. Mockingjay by: Suzanne Collins Although I adore this book, I shed my share of tears over it. I also had to go back and read spots because I didn’t quite comprehend what had happened.  My brain/heart were in denial.

8. Everafter by: Elizabeth Chandler This is one where I forget how it ended, until I remember and fall into instant depression. I was both angry and upset when finishing this series. I didn’t know which had more of an effect though.

9. Allegiant by: Veronica Roth I read this, and after finishing I stared at the pages and cried and cried and cried.

10. Just Listen by: Sarah Dessen “Don’t think or judge. Just listen.” And then the tears fall, this story definitely pulls at your heart strings.


I hope you’re ready, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to these tapes, you’re one of the reasons why.


Top 10: Books I Wish Had Sequels

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and this week we are talking about which stand alone books we wish could have gone on longer.  I don’t read alot of stand alone books particularly because they seem way too short and I want to know what happens next with the characters.  So these are a few of my favorites I wouldn’t mind continuing in another installment. :) In no particular order:

The Host
1. The Host by: Stephenie Meyer  I LOVED this book and keep hearing that there may or may not be another, well if there is you can bet I will be in line.

2. The Phantom Tollbooth by: Norton Juster The meaning behind this world that was created and all the knowledge behind it is seriously incredible. 

3. Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher  I wouldn’t mind seeing where Clay is at in his life and how Hannah and her tapes affected him in the long run!

4. Before I Fall by: Lauren Oliver Much like Thirteen Reasons Why, I would love to see how Sam’s Choices influenced the other characters.  Did she change their lives?

5. Flecks of Gold by: Alicia Buck I love the concept of the Golden Eyes being royalty and the magic all tied together, this world is one of my favorites.

6. The Choice by: Nicholas Sparks There is no doubt I love Travis and Gabby, they have overcome so much, I’d like to see what happens next for them.

7. Keep Holding On by: Susane Colasanti Basically I love Noelle and the majority of Susane Colasanti’s characters, so more in any of these books would be fine by me!

8. River Thunder by: Will Hobbs Technically this is a sequel, but I loved the storyline in both books, and thoroughly entertaining. More please?!

9. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by: Stephenie Meyer A change is perspective was so refreshing in this series and after reading this I just wanted more and more from the Vampire’s perspectives.  Granted we get Bella’s post-vampire change but I loved Bree’s outlook during Eclipse.

10. The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks Will and Ronnie are amazing and their chemistry is incredible.  I’m definitely okay with seeing where their story had gone.


If you hear a song that makes you cry and you don’t want to cry anymore, you don’t listen to that song anymore.
But you can’t get away from yourself. You can’t decide not to see yourself anymore. You can’t decide to turn off the noise in your head.

~Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher


You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re messing with their entire life. Everything. . . affects everything.


Top 10: Auto-Buy Authors

The Broke and The Bookish have their latest Top 10 Topic. Which is Auto-Buy Authors, this one was a slight challenge for me because there are so many authors I am currently addicted to. Basically when I have found a series that I fall in love with, i’m pretty optimistic in picking up that author’s latest installment.  I am always so curious to what they come up with next. Check them out. :)

J.K. Rowling

1. J.K. Rowling The woman who brought us Harry Potter is at the top of my must have list.  Her writing has always been very well thought out and manages to fit together perfectly. She is an artist. Books: Harry Potter Series, The Casual Vacancy

2. Suzanne Collins If she writes another book/series you can bet I will be first in line to purchase.  I have read many series since this, and it still Top 3 for me, hence number 2 on my list. Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy

3. Veronica Roth A definite new author to me, but she definitely made a splash. As I read Divergent the series quickly climbed to the top of my favorites.  It is amazing. I’m counting down to book 3, because her writing is flawless. Books: The Divergent Trilogy

4. Lauren Oliver Her style of writing is so unique it really caught me off guard.  But the way she wrote it was addicting.  In all her books I have read, her style sets up her books so you have no way of stopping. You have no choice but to keep going. Books: Before I Fall, Delirium Trilogy

5. Ally Condie This is a series I was not sure if I would like. But Ally Condie quickly proved me wrong in a matter of chapters.  I am looking forward to her next book to come out (hopefully sooner rather than later) because i’m sure I will not be disappointed. Books: Matched Trilogy

6. Elana Johnson She is an author I happened to stumble upon in the store that immediately I fell in love with.  I will definitely be rereading her series for years to come.  I can’t wait to see where she goes next because she’s amazing! Books: The Possession Trilogy

7. Nicholas Sparks I feel like whenever I am at a book store I am constantly picking up a new Nicholas Sparks Novel.  Each one is different and creative.  Makes you want to know what his next book will bring. Books: The Notebook, The Last Song, A Walk To Remember, The Choice, Safe Haven

8. Stephenie Meyer I always thought that Stephenie Meyer came out of no where, all of the sudden everyone was talking about Twilight, so I read them. And they were great. Then The Host came out. And I loved it. I was definitely not disappointed in any of these books, and really hope she comes out with more and I can add them to my collection. :) Books: The Twilight Series, The Host

9. Marie Lu I have only just begun Legend and already i’m hooked. I don’t know what’s to come in this series, but you can bet I will be buying them and flying through them.  Books: Legend Series

10. Jay Asher Now this is serious, if you have not gotten your hands on Th1rteen R3asons Why, you need to get on it! This book changed my life and perspective in so many ways.  Its a must read for all.  I don’t know how you can top a book like this, but I’ve learned from past experience that authors tend to out do themselves. So PLEASE keep it coming. Books: Th1rteen R3asons Why