Graphic Novels Display!

Pow! Wham! Zip! Our graphic novels needed some love, so I put together this Marvel display, and now Spiderman and The Hulk have a (semi) permanent home in our Graphic Novels section.

The display included any and all Marvel GNs and the occasional Marvel Movies to match. I used books with coordinating colors from our book sale (so they weren’t circulating), and our Brother Cutting machine to do the cutouts (with a couple stragglers done by hand).

DIY: I found silhouettes of the characters I wanted to use online and then printed out the eyes/mouths on normal paper and cut them out myself. The Spider Web and Hulk’s hair/eyes I did with the Brother Cutting Machine. Trust me when I say, you do not want to see my spider webs I tried to do by hand…word to the wise maybe don’t use cardstock in the future (I attempted it snowflake style….it was a trainwreck! LOL [but it also should be doable, and if you find a trick let me know!]).

I would also recommend taping at least a couple of the books together, particularly if you do a spiderman. I had some kids get real grabby and I had to do some repairs on the web (Hulk was easy because most of the pieces were separate).


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