When did I become the person that starts ten books and takes ages to finish them? I’ve always had a book, audiobook, and eBook going at the same time…but now it’s getting ridiculous. Maybe it’s the Millennial in me? My attention span is the worst? Who knows…but I now am the reader that starts a million books before semi-committing to one. Which is probably why I have been finishing audiobooks at a 5-1 ratio. And even then, it’s a struggle! Has anyone else developed odd reading habits over time?!

In my bag:
Lord of Shadows by: Cassandra Clare
We Were Liars by: E. Lockhart

In my headphones:
A Well-Behaved Woman by: Therese Anne Fowler
Fiery Cross by: Diana Gabaldon

In my playlist:
Hold On by: Chord Overstreet
Helpless When She Smiles by: Backstreet Boys
Young And In Love by: Ingrid Michaelson
Someday Out Of The Blue by: Elton John
Villains by: Johnnyswim
I Want You to Want Me by: Cheap Trick

Criminal Minds
Cold Case
American Ninja Warrior
Downton Abbey


4 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. Megan says:

    I used to have 2 or 3 books going at a time and maybe 1 e-book available in case I’d need while out and waiting on something. Now though I’ve started at least 5 books and created a list for books in progress because I’d have to return them before I’ve finished. Somehow, I got sick of reading which is not something I thought would happen. Hopefully I’ll kick this “disease” and get back to enjoying books soon

    • munchie11 says:

      Ugh it’s such a struggle sometimes, isn’t it? I’ve got a number that I’ve put down and never gone back to. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it, but because something else caught my eye and I couldn’t quite push through the others! I’ve been sludging for awhile now….I keep hoping to kick it! Maybe I need to be more disciplined and focus on one read a time!

      Who knows! If you find a trick, let me know!!!

      • Megan says:

        Yes. So many books in different series came out one right after the other it felt like and I couldn’t keep up and it got super discouraging. Plus because it was so many different series, I couldn’t quite remember all the details and it was hard to get back into the storyline so I think that’s partially why I didn’t finish some of them.

        If I discover some good tricks I’ll let you know and I assume you’ll share in return ☺️

      • munchie11 says:

        Of course!! I’ve thought about going back to some of my favorite reads (see if that will get me out of my slump), but we’ll see if it helps!!

        I was just thinking about how I’ve got three or four series that I absolutely loved that I never finished….I agree, I think too many came out at the same time!

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