This, that, and the other…

When life be crazy….I bought a townhome this last month and moving has been INSANE. But one positive is: I get to rearrange my bookcases. Anyone else find it so relaxing? I DO. I love it. Not to mention, moving is always SO stressful, so at least there’s one perk (in addition to the fancy new living situation!).

Meanwhile, things are FINALLY settling down so I get to come back to my blog that I love so much! I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it.

Hope everyone has had a great summer so far (how is it possible that we are nearing the end?!). Crazy, crazy. I’m painting walls this weekend and then will have pictures of the rest of my bookcases up momentarily, but in the meantime here’s my latest!

*I’m not saying I want to hide Twilight…I’ve actually been craving a reread…but there is NO WAY to intermix those books into your shelf….it’s just BAM Twihards be here….and everyone can spot it….always…..forever*


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