Post-Vacation Blues.

After an impromptu trip to Hawaii, I am back at work and wondering how I can possibly claw myself out of this reading slump I somehow find myself stuck in. Reading is always better on a beach, isn’t it? Well, I took a handy Nicholas Sparks book (because they never fail me), and I’m binge-reading book club (Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver), and I’m thoroughly enjoying them both (fingers crossed my rut will be over!!). However, I could live on the beach for AGES…this Utah weather hasn’t quite warmed up enough for my liking. And to top it all off, I now have the ultimate post-vacation blues…it was Hawaii after all.

So if you have any ultimate anti-reading-slump favorites please send them my way, because this has been never ending for me! Also…don’t you hate when you’re in a slump and Goodreads is constantly reminding you how behind you are on your reading goals?! Negative point of the Reading Challenge. Maybe I need to get rid of it so I stop feeling so inadequate! (Has anyone tried this??)

Also Kauai Highlights: The Kountry Kitchen has the BEST coconut syrup. I now live for Puka Dogs. Wishes under waterfalls are the only way to go. I now have the urge to learn how to surf. The four hour time difference did WONDERS on my night-owl habits…is this life before 8 am?! Embrace the rain…and the humidity…and the imminent curls that surely follow.

Too soon to go back? I could get used to island life in a HURRY. Eagerly awaiting my next adventure!


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