TTT: Things That Immediately Make Me Want to Pick Up a Book

This week on Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl), we are discussing what makes us want to pick up a book…which let’s be honest there a MILLION. But today we’re narrowing it down to ten. And we’re using that LOOSELY. And clearly, this list will be in whatever order they pop into my brain, because it’s difficult enough to just list ten, let alone deciding on the NUMBER ONE reason you pick up a book. This was a CRAZY fun list to put together…and yep, it’s a tad long…but honestly…it could’ve been longer!!


I’ll admit it: I judge books by the covers *raises hand*. I love a gorgeous cover. Not to say I WON’T pick up a book without a nice cover…but I have been known to drool over a fair few aesthetically pleasing books. Bonus points if it has any sort of embossing!


I’m a sucker for books with a lot of pop culture/book/music/tv references. The characters feel like my people.


It’s no secret I LOVE to travel. I want to see all the things…so books that take place in other countries have become one of my favorite past times. When I’m not traveling, I like to read about OTHERS traveling. Not to mention it helps me scout out where I’d like to go some day.


Separating this out from Travel because it’s a more specific branch of traveling books, and I think I’m more likely to pick it up? I’m a sucker for roadtrips and all things spontaneity, so there’s a bonus for both.


Is it a secret that readers like to read about other readers? It’s like a weird Inception like fetish…but I love it! I feel so accomplished and well-read when I understand the references. Now that I think about it…this might be number one…or at least Top 3.


Can I count auto-buy authors? Is that a cheat? Well if it is: I’m Cheating. There are a number of authors that I will read anything by and I love them all. They never disappoint (much). They wrote it, I’ll read it.


I DO read books without a love story…I do…I promise. But on the otherhand…what’s reading without at least a HINT of romance? Even if it’s just a tad….or more than a tad….I’m sold. It’s not a requirement…but it is definitely a plus!!


There are certain topics that I LOVE and will read anything and everything about it (WWII; Titanic; Anastasia; Fitzgerald; Jane Austen). I like the various points of view, the twists, the dynamics. It’s fun to see different perspectives.


Is it too much to ask to just have a real stellar villain? I love them. I love to hate them. I love when they own how awful they are. I love when they get redeemed. I find them so interesting and sometimes I just REALLY want them to be happy (or give them a hug). SO if a book has a very well-done villain, or is more villain-centric, I’m all for it!!


I devour books with witty/snarky characters. Might be because I consider myself fairly witty at times (and snarky the rest of the time). But it also makes for a really fun read. And I’ve found several authors that do it very well!


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