BOOK CLUB: Code Name Verity

Hi all! Yes, I’m a little late on posting book club-ish discussions…it’s been one heck of a month! But it’s still March (at least for a tad longer), so I’m calling it a win!.

We read Code Name Verity by: Elizabeth Wein to conclude our Around the World series. I was surprised to find that the overall consensus was anything but glowing. I have heard for YEARS how fantastic this book is and how it is a number of reader’s favorites, however we had several ladies who never made it to the end and others who pushed through but still weren’t sold.

I will say, I started this several years ago and had to return it to my friend without finishing it (how long is a reasonable amount of time to borrow a book without feeling guilty for STILL having it? [and still haven’t finished it?]). Anyways, I LOVED it the first go around, but starting it back up I wasn’t as intrigued (or loving the writing style). However, by the end I was sold and wanted to reread it right away with all my newfound knowledge.

The major complaints were the various languages implemented (a characteristic that I generally like), the running string of Verity’s narrative, and the constant back and forth of first and third person narrative. All valid points, and all reasons why I actually enjoyed the book because it was SO different from other things I’ve read.

So what’s the consensus? Do you all love it or hate it? Has anyone read Rose Under Fire? Is it worth picking up? Did you like it better than Verity?


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