TTT: Books to Pull You out of the Reading Slump

Everyone has reached that terrible reading slump that seems never ending, and no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get out of it. WELL. This week all of us are giving books that have rescued your fellow readers from that dreaded slump. So if you are in a dry-spell of books lately, pick up any of these and BELIEVE ME, you will not be sorry. Some of these reintroduced me to some amazing literature (that I proceeded to throw at anyone who would listen).

Also: Apparently I need a good cry to get me out of my reading slumps because some of these definitely had me weeping by the end (see: Perks, I was Here, Before I Fall, Me before You) or laughing hysterically (see: Curious Minds Size 12 is Not Fat). Not to mention some of my all time favorite YA Series that reminded me why I love Young Adult literature so much. These are all the firsts in the series’ but BELIEVE me, they only get better.

Happy reading, all! And let me know what books get you out of your slumps (because I’m sure eventually I will work myself back into one [as they always seem to come back]).

Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays each week!


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