All, I FINISHED MY MASTERS DEGREE THIS WEEK! I turned in all of my finals, and now I’m awaiting my final grades!! I’m still in slight denial, but most of all I am so relieved to actually be DONE. Naturally, I put an obnoxious number of books on hold at my library, and I checked out more than my share because I have absolutely nothing else to be doing now. Read, read, READ. Could not be more thrilled!

I also booked a flight to Paris, France in October, so I’m tackling all sorts of French related reading (fiction and non-fiction alike). Is this what being a grown up feels like? Being able to read whatever I want? Whenever I want? Because I’ve been living four days of bliss, I gotta tell you: life without school is GLORIOUS.

So I’m currently catching up on all of my shows (I have finally made it to the final season of Frasier, and I’m not ready for it to end!), reading all the books (oh hello, TBR List), and eagerly awaiting my transition into a librarian position (keep your fingers crossed for me!). (Not to mention I’m in my final stages of moving, and that has been a MARATHON…where did all of these books come from? Why can’t they just teleport to my new place??)

In my bag:
The Young Elites by: Marie Lu
The Girl You Left Behind by: Jojo Moyes
King’s Cage by: Victoria Aveyard
Crooked House by: Agatha Christie

In my headphones:
Drums of Autumn by: Diana Gabaldon
Alexander Hamilton by: Ron Chernow

Netflix Trip by: AJR
Last Young Renegade
by: All Time Low
Open Arms
by: Journey
Bad Moon Rising by: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Young Volcanoes
 by: Fall Out Boy
Roaring 20s by: Panic! at the Disco
All of my Life by: Phil Collins

America Ninja Warrior
Agents of SHIELD


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