Top 10: Book Covers I’d Frame as Pieces of Art

I am FINALLY back for Top Ten Tuesdays! Over at The Broke and The Bookish, they give us bookish bloggers topics to chat about. Sorry, I have been on a slight hiatus from blogging. School got the best of me this last month, and let’s just say I am very glad to be done for the semester. Here are my Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame as Pieces of Art. Seriously, these pictures don’t do the covers justice. If you’re ever in a book store track these down because they are drop dead GORGEOUS. I had a hard time narrowing these down to my Top Ten, there are too many great works of art that are books!

As you can probably tell, I LOVE colors and the majority of my choices are very colorful and catch your eye immediately. There are subtle things about each book that I adore, like the fuzziness of the words on Panic (Which isn’t shown in the picture unfortunately), the purple lettering in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the solid white of The One, or just the amazingness that is each green cover I chose! Each of these I would thoroughly enjoy having blown up and put on my wall!! What about you guys? Any covers that you just can’t stop looking at?

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